Lending Services

Is the Time right for you to purchase a home, remodel your existing home or build a new one? Or is it Time for a new car or a well-earned vacation? Time Federal Savings Bank has a lending product that is right for you.

All of our lending products offer competitive interest rates, low costs and our mortgage loans are not sold in the secondary market.

Our friendly loan officers have the experience needed to get you through the application and approval process as quickly as possible. You are also invited to take advantage of our fast and easy pre-approval program. Shop for a home or plan your dream home with confidence!

If you are looking to finance a property in our North Central Wisconsin market area, you may¬†print a¬†LOAN APPLICATION FORM (click here) and read the PRE-APPLICATION¬†¬†DISCLOSURE (click here).¬† For¬†printable information and¬†instructions on completing the Loan Application Form¬†(click here).¬† Complete the application and mail or fax it to the Time Federal office nearest you. We’ll make the loan process easy to understand and keep you informed every step of the way.

Conventional Home Loans

  • To buy or refinance
  • Low closing costs
  • Fixed and Adjustable interest rates
  • A variety of programs to fit your needs
  • Additional advance feature for future borrowing while continuing with one monthly payment
  • Separate 2nd Mortgage Equity Loan also available

Construction Loans

  • Low cost and¬†no hassle
  • One-step closing with no additional costs after construction is complete
  • A permanent loan – Interest rate does not change

HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit)

  • Enjoy easy access to your home’s equity with a revolving line of credit
  • Perfect for home improvements, vehicle purchases, vacations, educational expenses, or consolidating higher interest debt
  • Funds are accessible through online transfers or checks provided by the bank

Home Improvement Loans

  • For home repairs or improvement projects
  • Minimal fees

Investment Property Loans

  • To buy, build or refinance rental property
  • Competitive interest rates and costs to help give you a strong positive cash flow

Lot and Land Loans

  • To purchase land for your dream home or recreational activities
  • Very affordable interest rates

Consumer Loans

  • Quick and affordable
  • Available for vehicles, ATVs, boats, snowmobiles, motorcycles and more

We also offer Federal VA loans for qualified veterans.

Contact one of our friendly knowledgeable loan officers to assist you in your loan needs.


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