Time Federal Savings Bank takes the security of your financial information very seriously!  Please use our new Secure eMail service to ensure your information arrives safe and secure to the person or department intended.  We’re excited to offer this new Secure eMail service at no cost to you!

Why Secure eMail?   When our bank sends you a Secure eMail message, the message is encrypted and sent to a secure data center, where it will be held for you to retrieve.  At the same time, a notification is sent to inform you that a Secure eMail message is waiting to be retrieved.  The notification message will contain a link to a secure web site.  Simply click on the link, log into the website, and retrieve your message.

Creating Your Account is Easy!   The first time you use Secure eMail, you will be prompted to create an account.  Supply your email address and a password you create to establish your account. Please remember this password, as you will use it each time you log into to Secure eMail.  A confirmation message will be sent to the email address you entered.  You will need to click the link in the confirmation email to complete the account set up process.  You can then begin to use your Secure eMail account.     Click here to create your account.

Retrieving Secure eMail:  When Time Federal sends you a Secure eMail message, you will receive a notification message to be taken to the login screen where you will be prompted to enter your Secure eMail address and password that you established.  Once logged in, you can read your Secure eMail, download it to your computer, or send a secure reply message. 

Sending Secure eMail:  To send a Secure eMail message to our bank, click on the Secure eMail link located at the bottom of any page on our website. You will be prompted to enter your email address and password that you create.  Once logged in, you can create a new Secure eMail message by clicking on the “Compose” tab.

Existing Secure eMail Users: If you are already registered on our Secure eMail system, simply use Secure eMail link on the bottom of any page on our website to send or retrieve email with Time Federal Savings Bank.

To go to the Online Tutorial, CLICK HERE