Telephone Banking

TIME-24-Access   877-784-6324 or 715-748-3471 (Medford area)

Our free, convenient telephone banking service allows you to access your account information at anytime. Simply follow the step-by-step recorded menu to perform a variety of tasks.

How do I sign up for telephone banking?

Contact one of our locations to complete and return an enrollment form.  We will contact you when you are set up for telephone banking with the necessary information.

How do I begin to use telephone banking?

The first time you use the telephone banking system, you will need to know your account number and then establish a PIN (personal identification number) with the use of the last four digits of the social security number of the primary accountholder. Once you create a PIN you can begin to make transactions.

What accounts may I access?

You may obtain account information from your own checking, savings, or loan accounts. You can also transfer funds between your personal accounts as well as obtain bank information regarding all five locations. You will receive a confirmation number after each call to confirm your transactions.

What if I have a question while I am using TIME–24–ACCESS?

For system instructions say “Instructions” or for assistance at anytime you may press zero or say “Operator”.

What if I forget or need to change my PIN?  What if I get locked out of telephone banking?

Please call the home office at 800-205-0914.