Personal Banking

Organize Your Personal Finances

Going out on your own. Getting married. Buying a home. Starting a family. Retirement.

All of these different phases of life have one thing in common: they require financial planning and assistance. At Time Federal Savings Bank, we understand the intricacies of life’s financial needs. As a consumer-focused bank, we specialize in understanding your personal banking needs and providing the solutions you need, both now and in the future.

Online Banking

Never feel out of touch with your money again! Online Banking offers you 24/7 access to all of your accounts and gives you more control over managing your finances.

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Checking Accounts

You are unique in how you organize money. Time Federal’s checking options allow you to use a checking account that fits how you receive and spend money.

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Savings Accounts

Saving money is a skill that can serve you well throughout your entire life!  A savings account from Time Federal gives you a safe, accessible place to save your money as you work toward your savings goals.

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Certificates of Deposit

Short term, long-term, secure and guaranteed; these are all characteristics of certificates of deposit, or CDs, at Time Federal Savings Bank.

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Individual Retirement Accounts

How are you planning for your retirement? Individual retirement accounts, also known as IRAs, are another great way to save money for a better future.

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Health Savings Accounts

Healthcare can be expensive, especially if you have a high deductible. Health savings accounts, or HSAs, help ensure you have the funds to bridge the gap to your deductible.

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Credit Cards

Cash isn’t always an option for making purchases. A credit card from Time Federal Savings Bank provides added convenience and purchasing power.

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Additional Products and Services

No banking experience would be complete without products and services like debit cards, overdraft protection or direct deposits to your account.

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No need for paper statements? eStatements allow you to access up to 18 months of previous statements right on your computer!

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