Certificates of Deposit

Diversify Your Savings with a CD

Do you have extra funds to invest for a period of time for a higher rate of interest?

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) can help you make guaranteed gains on your extra funds while also being secure. Our CDs have a variety of maturity terms available for every investor, ranging from 6 Months to 48 Months.

Benefits of a CD

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) account can be very beneficial in increasing the overall value of any extra funds you have on hand. CDs have great benefits which make them a financial product worth considering:

  • Our 6,12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 Month CDs require a $1,000 minimum deposit and can earn a higher interest rate with a higher balance.
  • CDs earn a higher interest rate than most regular savings accounts, making them a great option to diversify beyond the normal checking and savings accounts you have.
  • The 18 Month CD offers you the ability to add $500 or more to your balance at anytime during the life of the CD.
  • Earnings are paid quarterly and can accumulate in your CD or be electronically transferred to your Time Federal checking or savings account.

Call or stop in for more information about our great rates. Our staff can help you choose the best option for your individual needs.

Start the process to open your own CD account with Time Federal Savings Bank today!

Early withdrawal penalties may result in reduced earnings.