Online Banking

24/7 Access and Control Over Your Accounts

Life is busy, making any time you get to yourself precious!  Time Federal provides  Online Banking and Online Bill Pay to allow you anytime access to your accounts - at your convenience.

Online Banking

Saving time and money is as simple as enrolling in our FREE Online Banking service anytime and anywhere. Once you enroll in Online Banking at Time Federal Savings Bank, you are able to:

  • View account balances for checking and savings accounts, as well as loans
  • Transfer money between your Time Federal accounts
  • Find transaction history for your checking, savings, and certificate accounts, as well as loans
  • Send Alerts to your email or by text to your phone when:

...Your balance is above or below an amount you specify

...A withdrawal, deposit, or check posts to your account

...Payments are due

...Or there's unusual account activity


Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay is another service that allows you to pay virtually anyone or any company within the United States through your Time Federal checking account online. You determine who you want to pay and when you want to make a payment.  It’s safe, secure and easy to use - all within your Online Banking!

  • Pay bills from your checking account(s)
  • Setup single payments or recurring payments
  • Receive bills electronically from merchants with e-Notification

To use Bill Pay, you must have a checking account with us and use our Online Banking.   To sign up for Online Bill Pay, follow these three simple steps:

  • Log into your Online Banking Account
  • Use the Bill Pay Link on the left menu
  • Complete the enrollment form and you're all set!