Savings Accounts

Start Saving Todays

Whether saving for your future or for one of life's unexpected moments, a savings account is smart and provides you with peace of mind. And saving is easy at Time Federal Savings Bank! Manage your account in person or through the convenience of Online Banking or TIME-24-Access phone banking.

Our saving accounts earn interest at tiered rates depending on your balance.

Savings FeaturesSavings
Minimum Deposit to Open Account
Minimum Balance to Avoid Fees
Minimum Balance to Earn Interest 1
Monthly Service Fee
Online Banking
Sweep Overdraft Protection
$4.00 fee per transaction
FDIC Insured
YES - up to applicable limits
1 The Daily Balance Method of interest calculation is used for accounts that earn interest.  Interest rates will vary depending on the current rates being paid and balance in the account. Call or visit us for current rates and fee schedules.
NOTE:   Limit of six (6) phone or electronic debit transactions can occur per month per federal regulations, including phone, Automated Clearing House (ACH), etc.

Contact us to set up a Savings account today through our Deposit Account Application.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

As healthcare costs continue to rise, it can pay (literally) to have funds on hand to cover the gap to your deductible. Health Savings Accounts from Time Federal Savings Bank help ensure you don’t have to worry when medical treatment is necessary.

Learn more about our Health Savings Accounts.

CDs & IRAs: Long-Term Savings Accounts

Need to think long-term for your savings? Time Federal Savings Bank has you covered with our Certificate of Deposit (CD)  and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) options!

Certificate of Deposit (CD)      Individual Retirement Account (IRA)