Shazam Bolt$

Debit Card Monitoring for Increased Peace-of-Mind

Debit card monitoring for increased peace-of-mind with Shazam® Bolt$TM. This product is offered FREE to all of our debit card customers.

Like a high-tech early-warning system, Shazam® Bolt$TM immediately sends alerts for any potentially fraudulent activity. You can set up thresholds that, once triggered, notify you of debit card activity.


Shazam® Bolt$TM provides alerts for:

Purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds

Card-not-present purchases (phone and internet)

Suspicious or high-risk transactions


Shazam® Bolt$TM can instantly:

Send fraud alerts 24/7

Block & unblock your card

Provide account balance information

Locate ATMs, nationwide


BOLT$ User Guide


Success Story:

This powerful tool recently helped one cardholder who received an alert that his card was being used at a store in a nearby town. He called the store to let it know the transaction was fraudulent.

Because of this cardholder's quick actions after receiving the SHAZAM BOLT$ alert, the store was able to immediately pull video to help local police arrest the criminals. The criminals not only had this cardholder's card information on a blank card, but they were also found with many other cards, skimming equipment and card-making equipment.


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