Three Reasons to Pay with a Credit Card


Posted On: February 14, 2017 by Time Federal Savings Bank in: Bank, Credit, General, Payment

Credit cards aren’t evil and they don’t automatically trap the people that use them under a mountain of debt. When used properly, there are many financial advantages to using credit cards to pay for day-to-day expenses. Here are three of the best reasons to prefer plastic: Track Your Spending Credit cards offer robust balance and purchase monitoring tools that appeal to many consumers because they’re easier to use than the traditional check ledger and update automatically and in real-time, in some cases. Online banking and mobile apps that allow you to pay with your phone, monitor your balance, and categorize your spending are all very helpful budgeting tools and can help prevent the overspending and debt accumulation that can result from overusing credit cards. Earn Rewards By choosing your credit cards carefully, you can earn rewards for using them. Many popular cards offer cash back or airline miles as rewards, so be sure to investigate which card is right for...