4 Tips for First Time Homebuyers


Posted On: September 26, 2016 by Time Federal Savings Bank in: Bank, Home Loans, Mortgage

4 Tips for First-Time Home Buyers In many areas of Wisconsin, the housing market is still going strong from the active summer months, interest rates are still at historic lows, and real estate prices are competitive. You might be wondering if it's time to take the plunge into homeownership. If you decide that now is the right time for you, here are four tips for first-time home buyers that will help your transition from renter to owner go smoothly: #1: Do the prep work. Before you even start looking at listings, you should get your finances in order. The housing market is fiercely competitive, and buyers who have been pre-approved for financing have the edge. First, review your credit score and clear up any errors you find. Then, go to your bank and get pre-approved for the largest mortgage loan you can (many banks allow you to do this online). A free service at most banks, loan pre-approval will boost your credibility with real estate agents and sellers because it shows you're...