Protect Your Money with a Secure Debit Card


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Protect Your Money with a Secure Debit Card

Technology allows us so many efficiencies, including HOW you spend your money! Writing checks can be time-consuming and expensive, as well as, offer personal information and account numbers to potential thieves. Quick and easy debit card payments are a more secure payment source for you and a more reliable payment source for businesses. Each debit card is equipped with a small computer chip that generates a unique, one-time code with every use. This code does not use your actual card number at the retailer, which protects your personal information and makes it hard for scammers to steal your information. Your secure pin number creates another level of security when using your debit card.

We can help with a debit card that provides you with peace of mind. Access your accounts any time of day to check balances and withdraw funds at any of our thousands of surcharge free ATMs nationwide or in our digital banking. Our Shazam service that accompanies your debit card will help monitor your debit card transactions. This service will instantly send alerts for any potentially fraudulent activity. They will also provide alerts for suspicious or high-risk transactions, card-not-present purchases (phone and internet), and purchases exceeding cardholder-defined thresholds.

Talk to a Personal Banker for more information on how to register for a secure debit card. Click here for our checking account options that include a free debit card.