Digital Banking FAQs


For trouble shooting to use your Digital Banking services, click on the question below that pertains to your needs.


Do I need Online Banking to use mobile banking?


Is my Mobile password the same as my Online Banking (PC) password?

Yes, if you change it on your mobile device, it will change for online banking, and vice versa

I’m getting an error when creating/changing my Password? What’s wrong?

Your Password for Online and Mobile Banking needs to have:

Minimum of Characters: 8

Maximum of Characters: 12

Format:  One upper case, one lower case, and one number is required with symbols being optional.

I’m getting an error when I put in my “User Name”? What’s wrong?

Your “User Name” must be between eight and twenty-four characters in length. It must not contain any spaces.

What if I forget my username/password?

If you forget your Username or Password, click on the Forgot Password on the main login screen.  You will be prompted to supply private information to reset your username or password.  You can also call our Customer Service during normal business hours for assistance at 1 800-205-0914.  From June 4, 2018 – Mid-July 2018, you will also be able to call our extended service Monday – Friday from 4 pm – 11 pm at 1 877-364-0006.

If I try too many times with an incorrect password, how do I unlock my account?

You will need to call the Service Center, 1 800-205-0914 from Monday – Friday from 8 am – 4 pm or 1 877-364-0006 from Monday – Friday 4 – 11 pm through mid-July 2018.

Do I always have to use my long, multi-character, online banking password for the mobile app?

No, once you’ve used it, you can set a 4-digit PIN or Fingerprint Authentication.  For the 4-digit PIN, go to the SETTINGS page and enable the PIN login. For the Fingerprint Authentication, on the login screen check the Enable Fingerprint box and then supply your Username and Password.  This will allow in the future for your finger print to be used as the login.  The PIN number or fingerprint identification and the identification of your device provides dual authentication security.

Does my spouse have the same password/username on the same account?

Each Online Banking user should establish their own Online/Mobile banking account.  This will help with security measures and allow each person to have access to their own accounts.


What is a Business Day for Online and Mobile Banking Services?

Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.  Cut off times for Online and Mobile banking transfers or deposits are 7 pm CST.

How can I change the viewing of the order of my accounts?

Go to Menu and click on Settings. Click on Change Account Order. Then Click on the up or down arrows to move your accounts in the order you need them to be viewed within online and mobile banking.

When I make a transfer, how soon does it happen?

Transfers from another deposit account are immediately reflected in the account’s available balance

What types of accounts can I transfer from? To?

You may transfer from: checking, savings, or Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC). You may transfer to: checking, savings, installment loans, Mortgage, or HELOC (credit cards are not included).

What if my scheduled transfer falls on a weekend or non-business day in Online/Mobile Banking

Pre-scheduled transfers will be processed on the prior business day if they fall on a weekend or

non-business day.

Can I make my loan payment with Mobile?

You can transfer funds to make a line of credit, mortgage or installment loan payment. Credit card payments cannot be made by Mobile. Payments must be made before 7:00 p.m. CST to be credited with the date the payment is submitted.

What is the cutoff time to transfer from one account to another and have the receiving account balance available to pay checks or other debits?

Transfers and mobile deposits must be made by 7:00 p.m. CST on business days in order for funds to be available for incoming debits to an account. Transfers to any account made on a Saturday, Sunday, or holiday, will appear with the next business day’s date in the account transaction history.

I receive a message about my session ending and it asks me if I want to logout. What does that mean?

As a security feature, the mobile banking app will log you out after a period of inactivity. If you receive a notice that you will be logged out due to inactivity, you can either choose to cancel the log out procedure and continue with your session, select the log out option, or do nothing in which case the system will log you out automatically.

Why do I get logged out of mobile banking if when I receive a phone call?

Apple phones do not have multi-tasking capabilities, and phone calls take priority over other functions. If you receive a phone call while you are using the mobile app, the device will log you out of mobile banking. Android devices allow multi-tasking and will maintain your session as long as you do not exceed the inactivity log out period.

Will Online Banking work on my mobile device?

Online Banking is not designed to run on iPhone, Androids or Tablets.  It might work, but it will not be optimized.  Customers will have to pinch and zoom around the screen.  iPhone, iPad and Android applications are the best choice because they are designed with specific detail for those devices.  Each application can be easily downloaded from its respective store.

What Browsers will my Online Banking work on?

Chrome – 60 and 61

Firefox – 54 and 55

Safari – 10 and 11

Internet Explorer (IE) – 11

Edge – 39 and 40

How does the "Manage Debit Cards" feature work in Online and Mobile Banking?

You can turn your debit card(s) on or off to allow or disallow transactions. This will affect all cards connected to your account chosen.  If you turn off the debit card, it will be denied from any transaction made. Your selection will remain until you choose to change it.

Is Online and Mobile Banking safe/secure?

Mobile banking has the same level of security as Online Banking because your personal information is protected by advanced encryption technology to help prevent unauthorized access. There are multiple layers of security to protect your personal information.


How do I login/sign up for mobile access?

Download the App from GooglePlay (Android) or the App Store (iPhone)


What types of transactions or viewing can I use in the new Mobile App?

– View current balance information for your linked accounts

– Review available transactions for your linked accounts

– View branch locations on your mobile device

– View contact telephone numbers & additional details for reaching us

– View & set account alerts & notifications

– View general information about the bank

– Send us secure mobile mail messages and questions regarding your Mobile service

– Transfer funds between your linked accounts

– Pay bills and external payees using your smartphone or tablet

– Schedule transfers as a one-time transfer or schedule for a future date

– Deposit checks to your primary transaction account using the camera on your smartphone or tablet  (Fall 2018)

– View you eStatements (Fall 2018)

– View  your checks deposited (Fall 2018)

Will the app work with my cell phone or tablet?

It is compatible with:

– Android: requires Android 17 and up

– iPhone and iPad application: requires iOS 9 and up.


What is Bill Pay?

This system within online banking allow you to pay your bills via your online banking or through mobile banking.

Is there a fee for Bill Pay?

If you sign up and use Bill Pay, it is free.  If you have an inactivity period for 3 months, then there is a fee. So try it out!

Can I cancel a Bill Pay after I’ve submitted it?

Yes, if you cancel it prior to 2:30 p.m. Central Time via the Bill Pay screen.

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