What goals do you have? Do you want to purchase a home, finally take that vacation you’ve been dreaming of, or upgrade to a better vehicle? While those dreams and many others may require a good deal of money, you have a trustworthy ally on your side: the lending team at Time Federal Savings Bank.

Why should you turn to us when you need financial assistance?

  • Our loan officers are experts in their fields, meaning they have the knowledge to provide the best solution
  • Our loans are not sold in the secondary market
  • We work in your best interest, not what is best for our bottom line
  • We explain every part of the lending process so you understand exactly what you’re getting
  • All of our lending products offer competitive rates and low associated costs

Home Loans

Thinking of purchasing your first home? Is it time to refinance your current home loan? Need to build a new home to hold your growing family? Our mortgage lenders can help you find the best home loan solution to fit your current needs.

Learn more about our Home Loan options.

Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

If you have revolving cash needs, your home may be able to help. A home equity line of credit allows you to use the equity you’ve built up in your home to provide the additional cash you need.

Learn how to take advantage of your home’s equity.

Home Improvement Loans

Your home is your most valuable asset, but keeping it in good condition or customizing to your liking often takes more money than you may have on hand. A home improvement loan can be just the answer.

Learn more about our home improvement loans.

Consumer Loans

A vacation, a new car or a child’s wedding. Sometimes these require more money than you may have on hand.  A consumer loan provides the flexible financing and repayment terms you need.

Learn more about Consumer Loans at Time Federal.

Our Lending Team

Whether you are in need of a home loan or financing for a new vehicle, our lenders work hard to understand your needs and current financial situation to offer a solution that fits you.

Meet our team of professional lenders.

Loan Rates

In addition to great lending products and a top-notch lending team, we offer competitive interest rates on all loans we offer.

Check out our most current loan rates.

Education and Guides

Additional resources for home buying, landlord education, and other related lending guides and information.

View Additional Lending Resources.