Value Added Services

Complete Your Banking Experience

Safe Deposit Boxes- Various sizes of safe deposit boxes are available for secure storage of valuable items and documents.

Contact us for sizes and annual rental fees.

Telephone and Wire Transfers- You can make transfers between your accounts through TIME-24-Access Telephone Banking. Wire transfers are also available to move funds between your Time Federal accounts and accounts at other institutions.

Gift Cards- Visa® Gift Cards are available at all of our locations and are perfect for

  • Traveling
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Wedding Gift
  • Graduation
  • Baby Showers
  • Vacation
  • Internet Purchases

...and much more!  Contact us today to purchase a card! For additional help with your Time Federal VISA® Gift Cards click here.

Medallion Signature Guarantee- A medallion signature guarantee is a special signature guarantee for the transfer of securities. This service is available for Time Federal customers and $20 fee will apply. Contact us for more information.

Notary Services- Need a notary? Full notary services are available at Time Federal Savings Bank for customers needing a notary signature on legal documents.

Have questions about any of these services? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us by phone or stop by!

Savings Bonds- Paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions, but electronic savings bonds can be purchased online through TreasuryDirect.

Existing paper bonds are still valid and will earn interest for 30 years from the issue date, or until redeemed. You can continue to cash savings bonds at your nearest Time Federal Savings Bank location.

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