Identity Theft

Protect Yourself with ID TheftSmart™

PLEASE NOTE:  For users of the ID TheftSmart™ Online Monitoring feature, alert messages received prior to June 27, 2017 will no longer be accessible.  You are encouraged to review your alerts and print or save them, as necessary, for your records before June 27th.


You can gamble with the odds.  Or you can reduce your risk today with ID TheftSmart.

One in every 13 American households could be victimized by identity theft this year.  In other words, someone you know – your neighbor, your friend, a relative, a co-worker – is likely to fall prey this year.  Maybe even you.  We can help minimize the risk, financial expenses and emotional stress this can cause if your identity is stolen.

What is Identity Theft?

It is when someone steals pieces of your identity, such as your Social Security number, credit and debit card numbers or financial information to take your money or obtain false credit in your name.  Their goal: to buy merchandise or get cash and charge it to you.

What happens if you become a victim?

Identity theft can turn your life upside down.  Not only can you lose money and good credit, but the crime also takes an emotional toll on you and your family.

Good News!  With ID TheftSmart, you can breathe easy.  If your identity is ever stolen, ID TheftSmart professionals spring into action.  You don’t have to do a thing because they step in as your advocate, fully committed to restoring your identity to pre-theft status as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We offer two options for peace of mind and protection:

Option 1) Identity Theft Restoration Service

Receive full service identity restoration from licensed, professional investigators if you are ever a victim of identity theft.  These experts will do the work for you, restoring your identity to pre-theft status.

Option 2) Credit Bureau Monitoring and Identity Theft Restoration Service

Full service identity restoration plus ongoing credit monitoring alerts you to activity in your credit file, allowing you to take action and prevent fraud loss.

Service ProvidedIdentity Theft Counseling & RestorationCredit Bureau Monitoring and Identity Theft Counseling & Restoration
Who is covered?All in householdIndividual applicant for credit monitoring; all in household for identity theft
Added servicesNoneNotification of new accounts opened, payment delinquencies, credit inquiries, public record changes, changes of address
Cost to customer$3.95/mo. per household$4.95/mo. per person*

*Each person in a household requesting the credit monitoring service must complete the enrollment form and pay a separate $4.95 per month.

Monthly fee is deducted from your Time Federal Savings Bank checking or savings account.